Redhills is one of a partnership of schools in an Erasmus Plus project – sharing ideas about teaching language and about teaching in an inclusive way, as well as developing our student’s understanding of different cultures and languages across Europe.


Our partner schools are:

CEIP Andres Garcia Soler – Lorca (Espana)

Scuola Secondario Padre Pio – Altamura (Italia)

Rigas Klassikas Gymnasium – Riga (Latvia)

Offwell C of E Primary School – Offwell, Honiton (UK)

Universidad Nebrija - Madrid


We have been fortunate enough to be able to take children to Spain, Italy and Latvia during the 2 years of the project (2016-18) and have welcomed visitors from our partner schools to Exeter in return. In this section of our website you will find some of the activities that students at Redhills have enjoyed as part of this partnership. Make sure you also check our twitter feed @RedhillsPrimary for trip tweets when we have been travelling!


As we come to the end of the project, we asked some children what Erasmus had meant to them.

Adam: “I loved learning Latvian. It’s such an interesting language!”

Ruby: “Erasmus changed how I feel about other people.”

Lewis: “Erasmus allowed me to do things I have never done before”.

Chloe: “Erasmus made a difference in my life and it helped me understand how it feels to have a friend at the other side of the world.”

Lucas: “Going to Latvia made me want to travel more now”.

Lola : “Erasmus made me realise what it is like to be away from my family and making friends from all around the world.”

Some Year 6 children visited Altamura in Italy in February 2018. They had a wonderful time! They took digital tablets and wrote diaries and took photos during their visit. When they came back they put together an assembly to share with the whole school.

Some Year 5 children visited Riga in March 2018. The had an amazing time, enjoyed a winter wonderland of snow, frozen lakes and even the frozen waves of the Baltic Sea. They spent time with new friends from Altamura in Italy, Lorca in Spain, Offwell (also in Devon) and Riga itself at the Rigas Klassikas Gymnasium school. They visited an open-air museum of rural life and even visited a chocolate museum.  

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